Snark SA-2 Daisy Chain for 5 Pedals


Brand Snark

The Snark SA-2 daisy chain is intended for use with the Snark SA-1 power supply. This 9-volt daisy chain is equipped with five plugs, and can provide power for up to five pedals simultaneously. The guitarists at Sweetwater like this power cable because its angled connectors don’t take up as much space between pedals as traditional straight connectors. If you’ve got a Snark SA-1 power supply, get the most out of it with the Snark SA-2 daisy chain power cable.

Snark SA-2 Daisy Chain Cable Features:

  • Daisy Chain power cable allows you to make the most of your Snark SA-1 power supply
  • 1-to-5 power cable powers up to 5 effects pedals
  • Angled contacts take up less space on your pedalboard
  • Carries 9-volt current