Roland Cube 40XL


Brand Roland

Roland - 40 watt - Guitar - Combo - Modeling - With Reverb - 3 Channel - Footswitchable - Extra-effects

Roland Cube 40XL is a 40-watt, 3-channel guitar combo amplifier with 10 speaker, 10 amp models, 8 effects, power squeezer function, tuner and phrase looper. Switch among its 3 channels and move from crystalline to crunchy to bone crushing. Youll be blown away by its latest amp model, Extreme This is an amazing array of tones, from an ultra-compact amp you can easily take to practice or to the stage. The tough, great-sounding 10 speaker gives you amazingly full sound, and the controls onboard the Cube 40XL are incredibly easy to use. This Cube 40XL amp doesnt simply pump out great tones it gives you JC Clean, Lead, and Solo channels, for great performances in any style. Eight astounding effects (including Heavy Octave and COSM vintage spring reverb) let you add even more sheen and character to your tones. Youll also love its Power Squeezer function, letting you get wide-open amp tones