Pigtronix Envelope Phaser


Brand Pigtronix

From delicious phase to ferocious funk, the EP-1 Envelope Phaser serves up the sauce like no other pedal can.

Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Phaser features an incredibly fat and vocal, touch sensitive envelope phaser as well as a deep and chewy, univibe style rotary phaser with enough controls to dial in your own brand of our “special sauce.”

The unique sound of the phase shifting found in the Pigtronix EP-1 is the result of a “harmonically tuned” approach, which yields a sweet and mellow sound with low resonance settings or a screaming cascade of overtones when the resonance control is turned up.
EP-1’s trigger input allows your instrument’s sound to be phase modulated by an external audio source, such as a drum machine or laptop beat. This side chain input can even be used as an FX loop for maintaining accurate envelope response when using distortion effects in line before the EP-1.

The Envelope Phaser also features footswitchable phase inversion, expression pedal speed control for mind bending rotary speaker effects and can also be used as a clean analog fat booster and pre amp.

Destined to be the modulation effect of choice for many guitarists and bass players looking for that elusive “liquid tone” the EP-1 is equally at home in the hands of laptop musicians, DJs and recording engineers.