Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method Grade 3 Book


Brand Mel Bay

Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method - Grade 3 has been created to help improving guitarists develop further skills to a grade 3 standard.

This book begins with the key of A major and immediately introduces right-hand accompaniment concepts before moving on to the relative minor key of F#. Notes in the first position on the first four strings are reviewed before approaching scales, chords and etudes in the keys of B-flat major/G minor, E-flat major/C minor and A-flat major/F minor. Theory lessons are also included, covering intervals, harmonized scales, triads, expression marks and syncopation plus techniques of glissando, ascending and descending slurs and tremolo.

Audio tracks are included to download online and these present selected Guitar solos and studies from the book with accompaniment in split-track format. The split-track format allows the listener to hear and play along with the backup and solo part together or separately. An audio player with a balance control knob is required to take full advantage of this feature.