Killer Technique: Voice (Book)


Brand Mel Bay

Just like a guitar, saxophone, piano, clarinet or flute, the voice is an instrument that requires training and education. Consistent practice, along with an understanding of the parts and mechanics of the voice, will help improve vocal flexibility, agility and range. This provides more control, giving you the ability to sing anything you hear. Unlike a conventional instrument, the voice is part of your anatomy and carried at all times. It requires unique care and awareness that other instruments do not. This book is a convenient way to keep helpful reminders and exercises with you on the go. The material includes information on vocal anatomy and the breathing system, safe and healthy techniques, and how to incorporate proper vocal care into your lifestyle. The book also contains essential vocal warm-ups. Although written in specific keys, the exercises should be transposed to other keys within your range (moving up and down in half steps). Just like stretching and warming up before a rigorous physical workout, it is important to warm up the voice before singing full out.