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HotSticks HS5ANW Hot Stick 5A Nylon White


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Hot Sticks original drumsticks are the silver drumsticks Hot Sticks offers in their original series line of eye catching, very popular 5A drumsticks. The original line of these aesthetic standouts by Hot Sticks was developed in the late 70s. The original line of these drumsticks have a durable, auto quality, high gloss finish which they have continued to refine over the years. The incredible finishes last astonishingly long as the application process is designed to produce the perfect high quality finish so you can enjoy the aesthetic of your drumsticks as much as their functionality. Hot Sticks use only premium, hand selected USA hickory with the same incredibly high standards to produce these amazing drumsticks. The hickory is put through a rigorous process to eliminate breakage prone, low density wood from being used in their drumsticks. Hot Sticks also uses a Dry Grind process during production to help the hickory used for the drumsticks to maintain the optimum amount of moisture for the most incredible drumsticks. Because these sticks are solid hickory drumsticks that have high durability and reduce fatigue on the hands and wrists. These nylon tip drumsticks featuring their classic black tip, give a lighter and brighter sound. These 5A Drumsticks are slightly lighter weight than the 5B and are a light-medium duty stick. These thick, U.S.A. hickory, top grade drumsticks can endure the most voracious playing styles and musical genres around. Versatile in their performance, they make excellent Rock Drumsticks. They also work well in the jazz, pop, R&B, and ethnic music genres. The length of these sticks measure 16 long with a diameter of .575.