Hohner Blues Bender M586BX Harmonica - Assorted keys


Brand Hohner

The Hohner Blues Bender features “Patented Acoustic Covers” (PAC) for greater volume and easy note bending with its airtight plastic comb and thicker reed plates for a consistent tone. This mouth organ is ideal for anyone learning to play the Blues and those who are developing their note bending skills.

New and Improved Blues Bender M586BX 
• Sandwich style construction like the Classic Marine Band Series • Professional setup for easy, expressive bending • Clear ABS plastic comb for a tight seal and less air-leakage • Chrome plated reedplate for a classic look • Wide open coverplates with sidevents for a loud, brighter tone • Available in the 7 most popular keys  • Comes with 30 days of Free Online Lessons with Bluesharmonica.com

  • Comb: ABS, black
  • Number of hole: 10
  • Reeds: 20 brass
  • Reed Plates: 0.9mm brass
  • Read Plate Surface: brass
  • Cover Surface: stainless steel