Groove Tubes GT-5U4 Rectifier Tube


Brand Groove Tubes

Groove Tubes has been manufacturing, importing, and grading quality power tubes for two decades. No stranger to Sweetwater, Groove Tubes founder and energy source Aspen Pittman has paid us numerous informative (and always entertaining) visits through the years. His tireless pursuit of perfect tube tone has resulted in Groove Tubes' reputation for consistency and premium quality. Want proof? Fender tube amps now include Groove Tubes as standard equipment, and true tube aficianados worldwide swear by the tubes and pro audio products Groove Tubes makes. For premium tube tone, choose Groove Tubes!

The GT-5U4 Rectifier tube replaces the tube common to medium-powered amps such as the earlier Fender Super Reverbs and Bandmasters. The GT-5U4 may be used to replace a 5Y3 for improved dynamics and power. You can replace the stock 5AR4 tube with the 5U4 in the Vox AC30 amp to reduce heat and extend the life of the power tubes, though the amp will operate at slightly lower power.