Genz-Benz El Diablo Head


Brand Genz-Benz

Designed with all of the same circuitry as the EL DIABLO 100, the tone and feel of the EL DIABLO 60 is further enhanced by the Pentode/Triode configuration of the tube amplifier - essentially 2 different tube amps.

In the 60 watt Pentode mode the EL DIABLO 60 is a bold, aggressive amp with power and headroom to deliver pristine full-bodied clean tones and searing high gain brutality. in the 30 watt Triode mode it produces a fuller, fatter tone with a more dynamic response and increased power tube break-up with a darker complexity.

Added to all of this is the incredible capability to access 10 unique and distinctive tonal variations, via the 4 button footswitch, which further supports the versatility of this new “world class” tube amp from GENZ BENZ.

• Tube Buffered Input Stages
• Warm Channel – Gain & Volume Preamp Controls; +/- 15db Bass,Mid, Treble Tone Shaping; Reverb Level Control
• Channel Selector Switch
• Hot Channel – Classic or High Gain Switch; Dynamic or Compressed Tube Texture Switch; Gain & Volume Preamp Controls; Tube Contour Control; +/- 15db Bass, Mid and Treble Tone Shaping; Reverb Level Control
• Global Section – Attack Switch with Level Control; Master Reverb Control; Master Volume Control
• Standby and Power Toggle Switches
• Four Button Foot Switch Included