Genz-Benz Black Pearl Combo


Brand Genz-Benz

The Black Pearl 30 is a classic, all-tube, EL 84, Class A design combined with upgrades, enhancements and tone you would expect from GENZ BENZ. This amplifier is built for those that know tone and feel are inseparable.

Our single 12" cabinet design loaded with the Red Fang™ Alnico loudspeaker from Eminence, for those who crave the more compact Class A vibe.

• Class A, EL 84 Power Tubes
• All-Tube Signal Path
• Flexible Power Selections-Pentode/Triode Selector
30 Watts/15 Watts/8 Watts
• Tube Boost Preamp Stage
• Passive 3-Band EQ
• Five-Position Voicing Circuitry • Tube-Driven Reverb
• Tube Rectifier
• Accutronics™ Long Pan Reverb
• 12" Alnico Red Fang™ Speakers by Eminence
• Solid 13-ply Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinet
• Classic Styling