Franklin Strap Made In USA Purist Suede 3" Guitar Strap, Chololate, 3C-CH-G


Brand Franklin Strap

Anyone who has picked up a weighty professional banjo knows that comfort is paramount. This Banjo Series offers the same combination of supple glove leather and thick suede backing as our original glove leather guitar straps, insuring amazing comfort. Our side leather tails offer an impressive range of adjustability and the peace of mind that comes with a remarkably secure screw design allowing for easy installation and removal. We chose this type of leather for the tails because of its strength and thickness. This is the strongest leather we work with, but it’s also very thin, making it easy to wrap under your banjo’s braces.

2.5” Glove leather w/contrasting suede end tabs

Chocolate leather with natural stitching and suede backing