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Fender Fuzz-Wah Pedal


Brand Fender

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Set the controls for the heart of the funk! The Fender Fuzz-Wah puts the freak-out at your feet and the fuzz in your beat, all in one rugged, smart-looking pedal. Tilt that baby back and forth for the most groovalicious wah you ever laid ears on; rotate it left to right for fuzz that can easily level large metropolitan areas. Switch each effect on and off and switch the order of the effects for two distinct sounds. Bottom-panel fuzz volume control lets you boost volume or simply match your guitar’s volume when the fuzz is off.

  • Enhanced version of original.
  • Huge fuzz & singing wah!
  • Switchable fuzz into wah or wah into fuzz!
  • Smooth fuzz volume (side to side) and wah taper (up & down)