Adamas 12 String Lite 10-47 Acoustic Guitar String Set, 1616


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Ovation 1616 Adamas 12 String Lite 10-47 Acoustic Guitar String Set: Adamas ADM1616 12 String Light 10-47 Designed from the inside out for balanced performance in tone and feel, Phosphor Bronze wrap wire produces a rich, full sound with even tone throughout the harmonic range, while "Composite Gauging" provides for a set that is consistent in tension and amplitude from string to string. Features: "Composite GaugingTM" is utilized on the Adamas phosphor bronze and bronze acoustic guitar sets. Significant changes have been engineered into the fifth and sixth strings. These strings utilize core and wrap wire of identical size so that neither part of the string dominates the various modes of string vibration. Thus, the strings vibrate more consistently and with greater amplitude to produce a sharper, more precise tone. Technical Info: Gauges: E1 -- .010 .010, B2 -- .014 .014, G3 -- .023 .010, D4 -- .030 .014, A5 -- .038 .018, E6 --.047 .027